Latest Additions

This page lists the latest new datasets tracked and processed by the Dashboard. Once datasets are incorporated and tracked, updates as reported separately and not listed here

May 2017 - 0.4 Release

Release 0.4 features the Stress Test Explorer.

Stress Test Explorer

The Stress Test Explorer helps visualize and analyze the stress test results of different banking systems published by regulators worldwide

March 2017 - 0.3 Release

Release 0.3 features GeoSlices, representation of economic dataseries in interactive map visualizations. This release is a tribute to #opendataday 2017 celebrated on March 14th.


As the name implies, GeoSlices are selections of datasets that have common geographical representation. For example: depicting the rate of change of the inflation rate across all reporting European countries. This option is obviously only available when the datasets include geographical tags.

February 2017 - 0.2.1 Release

Release 0.2.1 features the integration into the dashboard of the RegNews app.

#RegNews App

The app helps with keeping abreast with diverse financial regulatory and statistical news releases and publications. It uses exclusively official news feeds and focuses on rapid scanning of the latest releases.

January 2017 - 0.2 Release

Release 0.2 has been focusing mostly on speeding up the application and enhancing the user interface

The ECB MIR Dataflow

The latest major data set addition to the Dashboard is the ECB's collection of Statistics on interest rates (ECB: MIR Dataflow) These are the interest rates applied by MFI's (monetary financial institutions - except central banks and money market funds) to deposits and loans vis-a-vis households and non-financial corporations. Both rates for New Business and for Outstanding Amounts are covered.

Summary statistics of the new datasets

The MIR dataset contents currently a total of 5825 dataseries, all of which are tracked by the Dashboard. This dataset is updated on a monthly basis. Detailed explanation of data collection process is available in the official Manual of Interest Rate Statistics