The Dashboard (version 0.3) is in public beta. Enjoy using the Dashboard. Feedback is warmly welcomed!

You can get started using the Dashboard by using the selected links on the right column. You can always come back to the main view by clicking on the Dashboard logo.

What is the Dashboard?

The Open Risk Dashboard is an interactive, highly visual, online resource that supports economic analysis and financial risk management for users across the EU area and beyond. The Dashboard is suitable for anybody interested to understand and explore economic data for professional or personal use.

Deriving Knowledge from Open Data

The Dashboard builds on the increasing number and quality of open data repositories, starting with the excellent resource provided by the European Central Bank (ECB) via its Statistical Data Warehouse.

The Dashboard retrieves statistical data from the warehouses and provides value enhancing visualizations and risk modelling reports. This enables answering the "what if" type questions that are essential in stress testing business plans and balance sheets against adverse economic scenarios.

What is the vision behind the Dashboard?

Open Risk supports the use of open source, non-proprietary frameworks and standards, API's and programming languages for the development of risk modelling tools and solutions. The Dashboard is an integral part of an innovative set of online risk management tools developed by Open Risk, including credit portfolio management solutions and an integrated eLearning platform where risk models and risk management tools are accessed directly online.

What types of access to the Dashboard are there available?

Full and free access to the public version of the Open Risk Dashboard is available via this website. For private cloud deployments of our infrastructure please get in touch!

Who supports this?

Development of the Dashboard was supported in part by FIWARE-Finodex, a European Union virtual accelerator that funded and provided support services to projects from SMEs & Web Entrepreneurs building upon FIWARE cloud technologies and reusing Open Data.